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The Initiatives

Through their involvement in specially-designed service initiatives, Germination Fellows will have the unique opportunity to work alongside leaders from a variety of Philadelphia’s most prominent organizations, companies and academic institutions. Fellows will gain invaluable experience working on all aspects of the service initiatives which are designed to address key issues that impact Philadelphia.

  • Literacy Initiative Icon

    Literacy Initiative

    The next generation of our regions’ leaders needs strong academic skills to succeed, yet thousands of students lack the basic literacy skills necessary to graduate from high school. We know literacy is at the heart of academic success. Immediate action is necessary to equip all Philadelphia students with the literacy tools they need to succeed. We found the solution. For our literacy initiative, we have chosen Achieve Now as our content partner. The program’s content and delivery method is research based and data driven and systematically moves students to grade level reading. The Germination Project student fellows will coach younger students to reading fluency, thus giving them the opportunity to pay it forward.

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  • Healthcare Access Initiative Icon

    Healthcare Access Initiative

    For too many low-income Philadelphians, the abundant medical service facilities and resources that this city boasts are out of reach, whether due to geographic and transportation barriers or prohibitions of cost. The Healthcare Access Initiative will partner with local healthcare systems to establish a mobile health clinic (MHC) targeting Philadelphia’s most underserved communities. Student fellows will work alongside volunteer professionals in the medical field and community liaisons to plan and implement the MHC, while directly engaging with the individuals benefitting from its services.

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